Celebrating 20 years of Grantmaking!

The American Indian Family Empowerment Program Fund is celebrating its 20th year of grantmaking in 2016. With three grant rounds per year, the fund has awarded nearly 800 grants in the areas of preserving and renewing native cultural connections, educational achievement and economic self-sufficiency. Tiwahe Foundation is proud to share the following stories of three recent grantees.

Dennis Jones received funding under Goal 1: Preserve and Renew Native Culture Connections.

The grant supported Ojibwe cultural activities including learning water drum songs, speaking Ojibwe and teaching about the water drum, sweat lodge, spring fasting camp and sugar camp. Dennis writes, “By teachings others how to practice our traditions, we are helping to foster and create more positive and healthy American Indian families.”


Jessica Rousseau received funding under Goal 2: Educational Achievement.

The grant supported her educational costs while attending Metropolitan State University. Jessica graduated this spring with a Bachelors in Psychology. Jessica notes, “The financial support was the initial reason for applying, but it’s the emotional support that is most tremendous and helpful (especially during the recognition ceremony). It was motivating to see others, like me, who were proactively pursuing their desires.”


Dyani White Hawk received funding under Goal 3: Economic Self-Sufficiency.

The grant helped support creating a website for her artwork. Dyani noted that the website has been a necessary step in establishing herself as a professional artist. Dyani writes, “Generosity and reciprocity are values I believe are central to the Tiwahe Foundation and they are values I work to maintain in my own artistic practice and life.”


We’re featured in MCF’s Giving Forum!

Have you read Giving Forum? We’re thrilled to be included in Minnesota Council on Foundation’s new magazine. Check us out in the feature titled “The Tiwahe Foundation: Growing an Endowment Toward the Art of Reciprocity” on their website!