American Indian Family Empowerment Fund Grantees Report Back

The AIFEP fund has awarded nearly 800 micro grants in its 20 year history! The fund grants in the areas of preserving and renewing Native cultural connections, educational achievement and economic self-sufficiency. This month, Tiwahe Foundation is sharing three stories of grants made under Goal 2: Educational Achievement.


Lisa Owen received funding under Goal 2: Educational Achievement.

Lisa’s grant was to support pursuing education at Metro State University. She recently graduated with a degree in individualized studies. A single mom, Lisa hopes to set an example for her kids to pursue their goals. Lisa writes, “Knowing that my community supports my success encourages me to continue life long learning that will benefit my entire community.”


Reva Lumbar and Cory Mottaz both received funding under Goal 2: Educational Achievement.

Reva and Cory recently graduated from Takoda Institute of Higher Education. Cory graduated from the Computer Support Specialist program and Reva graduated from the Health Information and Patient Service Specialist program. Reva writes, “We would like to say thank you to the Tiwahe Foundation for the support you provided in helping us to complete our programs and achieve our goals.”


Leah Lemm received funding under Goal 2: Educational Achievement.

The grant supported Leah’s goal to attend a certificate program at the Duke Center for Documentary Studies. As a result of the grant, Leah writes, “I have taken the leap to start a multi-media documentary that pushes me to examine my own artistry. I am working on a year-long, multi-media documentary about artistry, songwriting and self-discovery, combining audio and writing on the web.”

Please Help us with our AIFEP GRANTS IMPACT STUDY!

Tiwahe Foundation is embarking on an evaluation/impact study of the American Indian Family Empowerment Program! Over the next year, we’ll be working with a great team to study the grant-making program. We are looking to connect with grantees to collect stories of how the grant impacted their lives.

If you, or someone you know, was a grantee of the fund during the last 20 years, click this link to update us with your contact information.