The Tiwahe Foundation operates as a transparent, self-sustaining and strategic organization.

Tiwahe Strategic Plan


For the last twenty years, the Tiwahe Foundation has been on a mission to be a resource for giving and to strengthen the lives of American Indian individuals and their families in pursuit of professional, educational, or cultural opportunities through the distribution of micro-grants in the range of $500 to $2,500.

In 2017, the Foundation successfully completed its first ever Endowment Campaign and secured a nearly six million dollar AIFEP (American Indian Family Empowerment Program) Endowment Fund. The Fund will ensure Tiwahe’s ongoing commitment to American Indian individuals and families in the Metro area.

In recent years, Tiwahe has expanded its impact into building capacity through the Oyate leadership network by connecting and supporting American Indian leadership across urban, tribal and rural communities to move from isolation to transformation, collaboration, action and change.