“My dreams for the community are to continue efforts to maintain self-determination and sovereignty. I believe we are each responsible for ourselves, we create our destiny.” — Ramona Manuel

Daniel and Leah Lemm

Why did you first give to the Tiwahe Foundation?

“My original pledge to Tiwahe Foundation was about giving back to the community through an impactful organization. Now, my wife and I also give to teach our son about the importance of giving and to show him the value of generosity in action.”


Yvonne Barrett

Why is giving important?

Giving is a tradition in our native communities. We give gifts during special times including when we ask for spiritual help, when we honor someone for a special accomplishment or during giveaways when we want to acknowledge those that have supported us and our families. Many of us give the gift of time, volunteering with organizations that help our communities. In recent years, giving monetarily to the organizations we love and respect has become more common. You don’t have to give large amounts of money to make an impact. Making a pledge over a period of time is an affordable way to contribute.

Carrie Day Aspinwall

Why do you give?

I was raised with one of the strongest of Indian values, that of “giving” or “philanthropy” as it is more formally known. My dad used to drive up and down Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis introducing me to folks who needed help, and he showed me how I could help. The truest form of giving is recognizing those in need. I want to honor my parents with this financial gift to Tiwahe; this is an important way that I can share what my parents have taught me: to give back to my community, to share what I have.”

John Bobolink

Why does Tiwahe matter to you?

I believe in the mission of the Tiwahe Foundation. It is helpful to Native people and Native Communities, and I want to support it. The Tiwahe Foundation is in the business of helping Natives and their families, which makes for better Native communities; this is not a handout, it is Natives supporting Natives.


Ramona Manuel, Alexandra Danielson, Diana Manuel, Christopher Danielson & Julianna Danielson

Why did you first give to the Tiwahe Foundation?

I like the unique quality of the Tiwahe Foundation in giving directly to individuals rather than organizations. I personally know some of the grantees and thought I could help future grantees by contributing at a level that met my budget. Giving to the Tiwahe Foundation was simple. It connected me to something larger than myself and I trust the leadership and vision of the organization.

Joe Regguinti

I’m not only a board member and donor, but I’m also a grant recipient of the American Indian Family Empowerment Program. I know this grant empowered me to extend my education further than I thought possible. I give to the Seventh Generation Endowment Campaign because Tiwahe is thinking, dreaming and believing in these seven generations. As a board member, grantee and donor, I’m proud to make the same commitment to the next seven generations.


50% American Indian


50% Non Indian