Tiwahe Foundation Announces Leadership Transition

Minneapolis, Minnesota – April 3, 2019 – The Tiwahe Foundation announced today that Nevada Littlewolf, President and CEO, is leaving the organization effective April 5, 2019, to pursue other opportunities. “I am grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of Tiwahe Foundation,” Littlewolf shared. “It has been a gift, honor, and privilege. I appreciate the board’s, staff’s and community’s support in my future ambitions.”

During her time with the Foundation, Nevada played an important part in advancing the mission of the organization, including the creation of and approval of a new strategic plan. The board of directors of the Tiwahe Foundation thanks Nevada for her leadership.

In the coming months, the Tiwahe Foundation board will be conducting a search for a new President and CEO. During this leadership transition, the board’s priority will be the continuation of regular operations (including both grant programs; Family Empowerment Program and Oyate Network Project Grant, and the Oyate Leadership Retreats) as it searches for Tiwahe’s next President and CEO.

Questions during this transition period should be directed to Hannah Smith, Program Director; or Frances McKay, Foundation Administrator. Both can be reached at (612) 722-0999.

About Tiwahe Foundation: Tiwahe Foundation is a community foundation guided by Native leaders. It exists to serve as a philanthropic resource and community leader to address the needs of American Indian people and promote change. The Foundation provides resources to American Indian people to live culturally-centered, economically independent, and healthy lives — grounded in sovereignty and indigenous worldview