Why I Give, by Amanda Norman- Tiwahe Board of Directors Secretary

I donate to the Tiwahe Foundation because of its remarkable leadership and staff, its innovative model of direct giving, its lean and responsive staff roles, and its unique brand offerings. The Tiwahe Foundation is uniquely led by a board of directors comprised 100% of our up and coming American Indian leaders. Its staff and board work closely together to create a foundation culture of growth and development.

Tiwahe grantees are also some of the most creative, well-regarded, American Indian leaders across the continent. Because of the quality of its leadership, grantees, and direct granting model, my gift to this organization multiplies itself hundreds of times over. I am assured of the positive impact whenever I meet with Tiwahe grantees. I encourage you to join me in giving to the Tiwahe Foundation today and in perpetuity.

To learn more about joining Amanda in giving, visit our website.

Oyate Leadership Network Update: Ojiibik Root Medicine Project

Oyate Leadership Network leader, Darren Landgren (Ojibwe), launched his project promoting traditional tobacco use in his community, the Bois Forte reservation in northern Minnesota. Darren participated in Cohort 2 of the Oyate Network from September 2016 to January 2017. After completing the cohort, members are eligible to apply to Tiwahe Foundation for a community project grant in work they are passionate about.

Darren Landgren worked with Tiwahe to make his vision become a reality for his community. In hopes of reducing the use of harmful commercial tobacco, Darren is gathering materials to build an all seasons greenhouse to grow traditional medicines. He hopes the greenhouse will promote culture and wellness for tribal members on the Bois Forte reservation. To learn more about the Ojiibik Root Medicine Project, visit its website.

Mii’gwech to all our Oyate Network leaders for doing amazing work in their communities!

Bluedog Blues Band

The Bluedog Blues Band was originally formed in 2001 by Joni (Weston) and Eric Buffalohead, both American Indian Family Empowerment Program Fund alumns! Their latest album, Red, White and Blues, was nominated for Best Blues Album by Indigenous Music Awards 2017.

Bluedog Blues Band has several upcoming shows throughout August, beginning August 4th at the Four Sisters Farmers Market from 3-6PM. To learn more about the band, their upcoming shows and to buy their latest album, visit their website.

Congratulations on all of your musical success, Joni and Eric!