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The Tiwahe Foundation operates as a transparent, self-sustaining and strategic organization.

Tiwahe Strategic Plan


The purpose of this strategic plan is to articulate the long-range direction and priorities for Tiwahe Foundation. The objectives and strategies described in this document were developed by our board of directors and will guide the Foundation’s efforts and investments over the coming years.

Since our last strategic plan, the Foundation has experienced two changes in leadership and many other staff changes as well. Our community experienced the COVID pandemic that is ongoing. There have been riots right in our home community in response to the murder of an African American man in Minneapolis in May 2020 by a Minneapolis police officer, nestled into the broader issue of police brutality and longstanding social justice concerns. In the face of these challenging times, the Foundation has maintained and expanded our grantmaking and collaborated with new partners to address emerging community needs that continue to evolve. We initiated special fundraising and grantmaking efforts to respond to the COVID-related needs of our community.

In the coming years, we are focused on living our values through our daily organizational practices and relationships; expanding our programs and leadership; strengthening our governance, organizational processes, and evaluation and learning; increasing the visibility of our work by honoring the powerful stories of our grantees; strengthening our fundraising and relationships with our donor base; and growing our impact in the community.

In this plan, we present compelling and concrete objectives that will be further fleshed out in early 2021 under our new Executive Director’s leadership and with the support of the board of directors. Informing all of these objectives is Tiwahe Foundation’s commitment to our relatives — all Indigenous peoples in the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

This plan reflects our belief that the complex and interrelated social issues facing Indigenous people, and the big ideas and visions they bring forward to respond to their needs and goals, can only be addressed through long-range, sustained effort and commitment. At the same time, we will pursue these objectives with alertness and adaptability to new challenges, opportunities, and lessons, as they emerge.

Find our Strategic Plan here.