Painting by Anishinabe artist, Karen Savage, 2018. Anishinabe writer Marcie Rendon, and granddaughter, Anna Cardon, March 2020 Epidemic Pandemic Fun

On June 10, Tiwahe Foundation awarded nine new AIFEP and six COVID-19 artist response grants. Congratulations to all of the grantees! 

Joanna Boyer:

For additional tuition resources and the freedom of a dependable laptop, a home printer, and workspace. Resources will continue to help the grantee to work part-time. Impact areas: education and health and wellness.

Peyton Counts:

To begin Ph.D. coursework in clinical psychology and work on a thesis focused on Native American suicide prevention. Impact areas: education and health and wellness.

Michael Loso:

Reach the goal of completing 26 academic credits toward undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.6 or higher. Impact area: education.

Apryl Joe:

To increase my knowledge and awareness about trauma work and healing focusing on non-Native and Indigenous approaches and practices. This learning will include conducting informational interviews with Native organizations who are doing similar work, interviewing Indigenous elders to learn more about traditional healing and wellness practices, plus developing an Indigenous healing framework that can be used to support Indigenous people with their own self-healing journey.

George McCauley:

To develop Project Hawatay to serve as an educational resource on video for Omaha language, values, and culture, including the necessary cultural protocols for developing these resources. Impact area: culture.

Lisa Skjefte:

To participate in Summer 2020 summer classes to complete a Master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Minnesota. Impact area: Education and health and wellness.

Roy Taylor:

To purchase the necessary equipment, software, and services that will assist me to produce and broadcast radio quality documentaries, and weekly community radio broadcast. I will also produce and stage theatrical drama, comedy, storytelling, and performance opportunities. Impact area: economic independence.

Kira Vanderlan:

To start a home organization and design business. Impact area: economic independence.

Lauren Panklow:

To assist with transportation to college. Impact area: education.

COVID-19 artist grants awarded in June 2020 

$1,000 grants were awarded to the following artists to share their work with the Tiwahe Foundation to demonstrate our resilience in times of pandemic. Tiwahe will share their work on our website and thought social media. Congratulations to the artists! 

Robert Desjarlait: visual arts, Isabelle LaBlanc: poetry, Tom LaBlanc: poetry, Pearl Swaney: poetry, Marcie Rendon: writing and visual arts, and Will Robinson: hip hop.