Stary Sky

AIFEP Grantee Creates Star Walk

Imagine you walk through a maze of white paper walls. There are star lights flying around as you walk through the dark maze. You keep walking, and you see different videos projected along the walls. The videos all about Stars, Star Stories, and Star People. This is what our AIFEP Grantee, Delinda Pushetonequa, was able to create with her AIFEP Grant. Pushetonequa, a transitioning stage actress, and multi-media theatre producer, asked for the grant so that she could purchase equipment and software to fulfill her creative aspirations.

After Pushetonequa’s Star Walk, she was then able to collaborate with Native film director, Leya Hale, on a documentary about Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. Following that, she began working at the New Native Theatre office as an Artistic Associate focusing on Acting. Pushetonequa says, “We are going to create video content for Actor 101 series that will also go on Youtube”. This series will help aspiring Native actors with their journeys.