Baswewe Gayle - Oyate Leadership Network Director

Baswewe Gayle / Basweweaanakwadookwe

Oyate Leadership Network Director

Baswewe (Bus-way-way) is passionate about empowering and aiding community relatives in self-actualization. She does this through coaching, encouragement, and leadership tools grounded in her Anishinaabe worldview and values. She loves the great joy she feels when assisting individuals in igniting their own inner fire to live a life full of authenticity, cultural identity, and gifts to share. Baswewe means echo and is part of one of her spirit names, which she carries with exuberance for living the way of the heart, echoing through creation.  

Baswewe brings many public service experiences to Tiwahe, including collaboration with non-profit, federal, and educational institutions. She is dedicated to serving Tribal and diverse communities with student experiences ranging from pre-K to adult learning. She is a leader specializing in diversity, equity, inclusion, culture, and identity consciousness coaching, programming, and systems change. Other foundation-building expertise include Federal PL93-638 Indian Self-Determination contracting & compliance, State & Federal American Indian Education Directing & Coordinating, Educational Equity, as well as Professional Development facilitation.  

She believes strongly that we, as spirits having a human experience, need each other. Places that feel like home to her are cliffs and shores, with melting pots of people. She is passionate about cross-pollination of people, resources, tools, and connections while holding the belief that this is crucial to not only our personal but also our communal successes.  

Personal Motto – “Never stop your laugh from echoing.”  


  • I fancy myself an artist with left and right brain capabilities  
  • I’m strongly connected to water and the land; it calls me while bringing me back to myself 
  • Laughter has a major role in my life; I made a personal agreement to live in my joy and imagination when I was in the third grade. 


  • Indigenous leadership training with the Oyate Leadership Network (OLN)  
  • Indigenous, Black, Person of Color (IBPOC) solidarity work with our Linking Leaders partnership  
  • 1:1 Mentoring & coaching  
  • Professional Development Facilitation 


  • Oyate Leadership Network Director  
  • Bachelor’s of Fine Arts specializing in Photography 


Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Anishinaabe, Ojibwe)  




[email protected]

Phone: 612-722-0999