Liberty Greene

Learning and Operations Manager

Liberty is a passionate advocate committed to advancing health and wellness within Indigenous communities, focusing on addressing the historical and ongoing impacts of colonization on Indigenous well-being. Her life’s mission centers on generational healing, aiming to break the cycle of boarding school trauma and facilitate the thriving of Indigenous communities by reconnecting them with their traditional ways of life. 

Guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings of humility, respect, love, wisdom, honesty, truth, and courage, Liberty ensures the transmission of Indigenous knowledge to the next seven generations. Inspired by her experiences in MIWRC’s full moon ceremonies, Liberty became the Director of Noojimo, overseeing a gender-based violence prevention program. In this role, she created intentional healing spaces for Native women, girls, and two-spirit relatives, utilizing cultural practices as a preventive measure against sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and providing support for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) families. Liberty is dedicated to fostering safe environments for healing through culture and actively contributes to the empowerment and resilience of Native communities. 

With a background in event and project management, coupled with marketing expertise, Liberty brings valuable skills to her advocacy work. Her ability to organize and promote initiatives is exemplified by orchestrating talking circles in urban communities and co-planning a significant investment in a tribe for ownership in a heritage-based eel-harvesting business, ensuring safe and sustainable practices over thousands of years. 

Through tangible efforts and a holistic approach, Liberty actively contributes to positive change, striving to empower and fortify Native communities. Her dedication to the well-being of Indigenous people is evident in both her professional expertise and personal commitment to fostering resilience and empowerment. 


  • Sewing has become a newfound passion for me, especially in crafting ribbon skirts/shirts. My journey began at MIWRC, where I hosted cultural workshops for Native women, girls, and two-spirit relatives. The joy on their faces while creating their first skirts or moccasins was truly rewarding. 
  • Though I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Southern California has also become a second home for me. After college, I spent four years in Huntington Beach, CA, working in the tradeshows and events industry on Facebook Oculus events. I cherished moments at the beach and my outdoor hikes. 
  • My life is guided by Anishinaabe and Dakota values, as well as the teachings of my clan, Maa’iigan doodem (Wolf Clan). The wolf symbolizes self-confidence with humility, urging us to be gentle and patient with all our relatives in the human, animal, and plant world.


  • Any questions regarding general Tiwahe Foundation operations or communications—especially if you have ideas on sharing grantee or community stories 
  • General questions on funding and community resources 


  • Learning and Operations Manager 
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Business from Augsburg University


Red Lake Band Anishinaabe, Upper Sioux Community, and Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation 

Pronouns she/her/kwe/winyan 

Email [email protected]

Phone  612-722-0999