Tyler Hurley

Strategic Communications Director

Tyler worked with Tiwahe Foundation for two years in a development and operations consulting role before joining as the Strategic Communications Director in 2023. Tyler manages Tiwahe’s grant-seeking portfolio and develops key messaging about our growing work and impact. Tyler has over 10 years of experience in diverse nonprofit management roles that require building and leveraging institutional partnerships and community resources to address complex systemic challenges including chronic homelessness and food insecurity. He believes that narrative work is essential for driving change and that we all benefit from uplifting Indigenous leadership knowledge. He has also worked on short documentary films that illuminate how place and political histories shape our lived experience and have been featured by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the DocuDays Human Rights Film Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine, and The Atlantic magazine.  

Personal Motto: “What is explained can be denied but what is felt cannot be forgotten.” (Charles Bowden) 


  • Donations, sponsorships, or grant opportunities for Tiwahe 
  • Resources for raising awareness of our work and impact 
  • Deep discussions on Tiwahe’s unique value proposition in the field of philanthropy and beyond 
  • Ways to get involved


  • I can usually be found in my yard playing baseball with my two young sons.
  • I spend a lot of time making soup. Let’s talk broth.
  • I speak conversational Bulgarian after living there for three years with the Peace Corps. I hope to learn more Ojibwe this year.


  • Strategic Communications Director 
  • MPA, University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

EMAIL  [email protected]

PHONE 612-722-0999